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Writing Should Be Fun...Reduce Your Stress With This Guide

Writing a book is like building a house, you must first lay the foundation. This FREE guilde will walk you through the important steps before you write.

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7 Fundamentals of Writing A Book: Tips for Nonfiction Authors Before You Begin to Write

Achieving Your Dream Is Our Goal!

We are here to guide you through each step of your author experience to get you to your final destination of being a successful published author!

You will be walked through every step of this process so you can have fun being an author. Whether you want a guided process from A-Z or a do-it-for-you, worry free package, we are here to help you make your author dreams come true!

Let our expertise and experience simplify this process and make it an enjoyable experience at an affordable rate. 

We offer a safe place for Christian authors to share their faith and how it impacts their message and writing. You will be in a community of like-minded authors.

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  • Too much to learn

  • Lack of time

  • So much research to do

  • Don't understand it all

  • Overwhelming

  • Feeling lost

  • Confused

  • Too expensive

  • We've got the SOLUTION for you!

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    You will be able to participate in weekly calls in a group setting.

    Here you can get questions answered, ongoing training and build community with other authors.

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    There are many steps to publishing. These packages are designed to free up your time so you can do what you love most... WRITING!

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    Client Testimonials

    "I’ve been a published author since 1995, have nine print books, and thought I knew it all, but I learned so much from Kathy Bates.

    She is an outstanding teacher and coach. Her coaching helped me short cut writing, publishing, and book marketing processes, which saved me hundreds of dollars and many hours of trial and error.

    Whether you are a new author or an experienced, published author, Kathy can help you accomplish more. I highly recommend her!"

    Pastor Rod Nichols

    "Kathy Bates is an exemplary mentor with the ability to inspire you even when things look impossible. Her coaching style embraces belief in yourself and is committed to helping you accomplish your goals. Her students are provided with a roadmap of tools and a foundation to follow to bring an idea to life!

    Ultimately, as an accomplished author, her expertise helps address publishing and marketing issues. and the best ways to launch your new book!

    Her nature is to be encouraging, helpful, and astute with her knowledge to help make you successful."


    "Kathy is an expert in her field, not only this, she constantly keeps up with any upgrades in order to be on the cutting edge.

    What I personally love is the way she stays focused when she is coaching, and explains thing well, with absolute clarity. She is willing to help with any questions you have. My time on coaching calls with her flies by, it is always a pleasure.

    No matter on which level you might be, beginner or advanced, you will enjoy and learn. Above all, she has a charming and loving personality. Don’t miss her!"

    Dr. D.B.

    "Kathy’s course is absolutely the very best out there! Not only is it super informative and she is easy to understand, this course has given me independence from high priced publishers.

    My first book was with a high priced publisher that left me with no understanding of the process plus they owned the rights to my book! Now I can self-publish and keep all rights to my book."


    "I am so grateful for Kathy's coaching during the writing and publishing of my book. The course is remarkable, in the complete guild it was to help, in all areas of writing, editing, and publishing my book.

    Kathy's, one on one coaching, was and is the best. She is so patient, professional, and supportive. She encourages with a positive attitude and hope to know that all things are possible with Jesus!" 

    Connie J.

    "Kathy is a naturally gifted coach that genuinely cares about each person. She has an amazing ability for details and helping us think out of the box.

    The incredible resources that she has to offer us, gives a huge advantage for success to any new author. Kathy coaches from the heart with patience and understanding and never makes us feel incapable of finishing the job.

    Thank you, Kathy, for all you’ve done to push me toward the finish line as a new writer!"


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    7 Fundamentals of Writing A Book:
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