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Interactive Workshop for Nonfiction Authors

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Inspired To Write Workshop
For Nonfiction Authors
Nov. 14th - 16th
An Evening Workshop

Starts at 6:30 pm CT / 7:30 ET


Walk Away With Your Book Framed Out

Dreamed of writing a nonfiction book but don't know where to start?

This interactive workshop will walk you through the steps of how to plan your book. Each day there will be exercises and by the end of the challenge you will have your framework complete, and ready to write the body of your book.

This will be fun, educational and very productive!

We will work together to ensure you have a great start!

Statistics show 97% of writers never
finish their book! WHY?

  •  Don't know where to start

  •  Overwhelmed

  •  Lost and confused

  •  Don't feel qualified

  •  Don't have time

  •  Thinks it takes years

  •  Think it is too expensive

  •  Unaware of self-publishing

  • A Message From Your Host

    I am a firm believer that a book can transform someone's life. It can encourage, offer hope, educate, entertain, and so much more. That is why your story needs to be written!

    Please join us for this fun, interactive workshop.

    Here is what you can expect from this FREE 3-day workshop

  •  Understanding of what is holding you back

  •  Confidence to start writing

  •  The proper order to get started

  •  Proven steps to write without stress

  •  A plan of action to keep you on track

  •  Tools & resources

  •  And so much more!

  • Who is this workshop for?

    Anyone who has had a dream of writing a nonfiction book and needs a little guidance to get started.

  • Self-help books

  • Christian books

  • Workbooks

  • Inspirational

  • Action taker

  • Have a story to tell

  • Your story needs to be told!

  • Dreams require action!

  •  Hear what other authors are saying about working with Kathy: 

    This interactive workshop is everything you need to kickstart your writing, overcome fears, and gain confidence. You will walk away with a good start on your book!

    "Most helpful workshop..."

    "It was the most helpful workshop I have taken in a long time!."

    "Easy to understand..."

    "Teaching style is easy to understand, worksheets very helpful"

    "Very informative..."

    "Very informative and your enthusiasm was awesome."

    "Unique ability..."

    "Kathy is a consummate professional writer who also has the unique ability to teach. Spending time in Kathy's classroom is a must for any serious writer."

    Stephen B.

    "Remarkable course..."

    "I am so grateful for Kathy's coaching during the writing and publishing of my book. The course is remarkable. It was a complete guide to help in writing, editing, and publishing. Kathy's one-on-one coaching is the best. She is so patient, professional, and supportive."

    Connie J.

    "Supportive publishing company..."

    "Great supportive publishing company equipped to guide you through the entire book writing process!"

    Karen M.

    "Saved me hundreds of dollars and hours..."

    "I've been a published author since 1995, have nine print books, and thought I knew it all, but I learned so much from Kathy. She is an outstanding coach. She helped me short cut writing, publishing and marketing, saving me hundreds of dollars and hours of trial and error."

    Rod N.

    "Given me independence..."

    "Kathy's course is absolutely the very best out there! Not only is it super informative, but easy to understand. Her course has given me independence from high priced publishers, which left me with no understanding of the process. Plus they own the rights to my book! Now I can self-publish thanks to Kathy's help."

    Annette T.

    "Ability to inspire you..."

    "Kathy is such an exemplary mentor and has that quiet ability to inspire you even when things look immpossible. She embraces the importance of belief in yourself. She provides her students with a roadmap of tools to bring an idea to life! Her nature is to be encouraging, helpful, and astute with her knowledge to hel make you successful.

    Dianne C.

    Have dreams of writing a nonfiction book?

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